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We are specialized in working with families and small Business owners. Helping them make smart decisions about protecting their assets through Financial Products.

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  • We help provide peace of mind for survivors when a loved one passes away. 

  • We help protect individual's income if they become sick, helping them maintain their quality of life.


Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Long Term Care
Disability Insurance

Our growing Insurance Agency is able to service several states, making it easy to get a personal consultation. Check for your home state on the list here and call in today to see how you can help you solve all your coverage needs.

We provide appointments by Phone OR Teleconference software to assist you in the way you are most comfortable.

​Serviced States:

  • Florida (FL)

  • Illinois (IL)

  • Maryland (MD)

  • North Carolina (NC)

  • Ohio (OH)

  • Tennessee (TN)

  • Utah (UT)

  • West Virginia (WV)

  • Georgia (GA)

  • Indiana (IN)

  • Michigan (MI)

  • Nevada (NV)

  • South Carolina (SC)

  • Texas (TX)

  • Virginia (VA)


Join A Medicare Advantage Plan. 

For an “all-in-one” plan that offers comprehensive coverage, many choose a Medicare Advantage plan. These plans cover all the things Original Medicare covers, plus the 20 percent of medical costs that it doesn’t. In addition, many Medicare Advantage plans include Part D prescription drug coverage and valuable extras like dental and vision benefits at no extra cost. Also, some Medicare Advantage plans offer $0 premiums and low copays. They also include a built-in “safety net” that puts a limit on the amount you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket each year.



Paying Now vs. Paying As You Go

What you pay out of your own pocket and when you pay it depends on which coverage option you choose.


For example, if you choose to add a Medicare supplement to Original Medicare, you’re paying upfront through a monthly premium regardless of whether you see the doctor or go into the hospital.


With Original Medicare, you “pay as you go” by paying 20 percent coinsurance. If you need more extensive medical care however, there’s no limit on what you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket each year.


Many Medicare Advantage plans offer $0 premium plans where you “pay as you go” through small copays or coinsurance amounts and only pay for the care you use. The most important thing to note about a Medicare Advantage plan is that, unlike Original Medicare, it also offers an added layer of protection by limiting the amount you pay out of pocket for covered services each year. That way, you’re covered throughout the year, and your savings and retirement are protected should a serious illness or injury occur.

Get FREE consultation OR make an appointment TODAY! 

Helping you is our passion. Contact us by phone, email, via our social media channels OR schedule an in person appointment with us .

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